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Friday, June 19th, 2020 04:27 pm
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✪ Comments disabled due to journal's archived state. ✪

✗ Filters.
✗ Minimal public posts; they usually only contain picture posts.
✗ I comment often and do try to keep up-to-date; however, please do not expect me to comment on each and every one of your entries - it's a ridiculous and childish concept.

What to expect inside this LJ.
What goes on in my Life; The entire point of me having a Livejournal to begin with~
Rants, rambles, and swoons about my Fandoms;
Lots of Cosplay;
My writings, art, graphics, and things of that nature;
Tendency to abuse the CAPS-LOCK;
RANDOMNESS; and sparkles!
Cussing; I swear~ beware~

I tend to add people that...
✗ Share the same interests as me, which is a given.
✗ Are like-minded and open.
✗ Are themselves and not anything else.
✗ I see that I can converse easily with and will enjoy spending time with.
✗ Are in a Roleplay Group with me.
✗ I like, plain and simple.
✗ I know IRL.
✗ Are friends with someone / some people already on my Flist.
✗ Are NOT going to judge me, my friends, or my views on certain issues.
✗ Are NOT just adding me for my graphics, writing, or art.
✗ Are NOT assholes or people expecting pity all the time.
✗ Are NOT going to bring drama in.

I've already asked to friend you first;
You're a friend and I've chatted with you several times before;
...You're already on my Flist to begin with;

Comment here before adding me; Don't just randomly add me, people. If you're interested in me and want to be friended, lemme know here first.
Have some of the same interests as I do; What in hell's the point of adding me and we don't even have anything in common? That's where the basics of relationships start.
n0 tYP a Ly|< dIs, o.k??; Just... no.

Thank you for reading and understanding.


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